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Office hours Monday-Thursday 12-6p

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Charles and Bekah Oliver



City Fitness

Get to know us

We are a family owned and operated facility right here in Fayette county. Our family would enjoy having your family to come in for a workout. We have licensed trainers and offer a variety of options to fit your fitness needs.


We are a 24 hour access facility. City fitness is geared toward getting you the results you are looking for.
*complete line of cardio equipment with bikes,       treadmills and elliptical trainers.
*circuit training divided into upper and lower body training
*serious strength training room for more serious lifters
*a private area for people who would like more privacy


So you are looking for a change? Looking to feel better about yourself? You have come to the right place! Our facility has everything you need. Trained staff to help you reach your fitness goals. You deal directly with the manager and the owners. We have friendly, family oriented staff.

No Enrollment Means No Enrollment!!!

​You Come In, Sign Up and Only Pay Your Monthly Dues. That's It..... Come and See US Today

Achieve your goals

Not enough time? Our facility is set up for you to get in, get a solid, quick workout so you can get back to your family. We have most of your needs covered. .